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I love staring at the sunset,  and b

Brand Design, Packaging, Editorial Design, Web Design, Copywriting, ___

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Hi again, I’m Rony; A Visual communication designer based in Tel Aviv (currently in my Fourth year of Visual Communication studies at Shenkar College).

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Things I love;

Throughout my life, I have always been captivated by shapes and movements, and the tiniest details in design truly excite me. I am deeply passionate about creating visually meaningful designs that not only solve problems but also add to the overall aesthetic of the world.
I enjoy studying and love my routine. I'm listening to music 90% of the day; I can always find comfort and inspiration in the melody and lyrics. I love learning new things and exploring new places and cultures. In my free time, I like to stare at sunsets, draw and doodle, and I am very good at napping. (:p)

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Things I'm good at;

<3 brand design
<3 packaging
<3 visual identity
<3 editorial design
<3 copywriting
<3 web design

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