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№ 05

editorial design • art direction • writing • photography

Not All That Glitters

№ 05

brand design • packaging • art direction • photography

Not All That



"Why is it sometimes so difficult to be authentic, to set aside patterns and definitions, and just feel? Without shame, without guilt, allowing ourselves to remove the masks and just be."

In this project, there is an attempt to normalize moments in which we expect ourselves to be happy, yet we feel emptiness. I managed to gather dozens of such moments from my personal life, where my heart felt heavy and a forced smile hid so much. The project is divided into three chapters, each focusing on a different type of moment. In each one, the dissonance between the emotional experience and the dry description of the situation is emphasized. Through the exploration, the reader enters an emotional world, and based on surveys I conducted, it can be seen that most people found identification with the feelings described in the project. I wrote all the pieces myself, from the depths of my soul (except for the article that appears at the beginning).

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