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brand design • packaging • art direction • photography



WOKKA a Vietnamese local cuisine, located in Ehad Ha’Am 41 st. Tel Aviv; 21° 1' 39.9468'' N 105° 50' 2.976'' E.
While traveling in Vietnam I was fascinated by its culture and fell in love in the simplicity and tradition.
The brand design is inspired by the preserved trade traditions of Vietnam, and by the complex nets of rivers, roads and routs that are used for transporting the crops and goods.
The brand aspires to bring the Vietnamese traditional food and special unique atmosphere surrounding it- to Tel Aviv. All the materials and products are 100% natural and made with love to nature.
3rd year Advanced Branding Course at Shenkar College for the food industry.

wokka's summer collection t-shirt
wokka's summer collection

The photoshoot was done as a promo to a fun brand event, in which the consumers were invited to visit wokka’s farm, walk around the fields, harvest some fresh goods and make Vietnamese dinner under the sun.